PrognoCis EMR Medical Software, a review

Written on 4/28/09-10/27/09 by Calvin Lee, MD

Update to this review.  The makers of PrognoCis will make a tremendous effort to understand your needs and improve their product.  One of the key elements that I learned is that the user (myself) needs to put effort and time into learning and using the product in order to get the most out of it.  It is sometimes hard to find time as a doctor to use an EMR and talk to tech support people.  This will be true for any EMR / Scheduling, etc software that one buys for the medical practice.  This website initially was a blog regarding my struggles getting onto an EMR software, and as the months went on, the website chronicled the great efforts PrognoCis had used to help me and improve their software.  We now have a new version of PrognoCis which works well.  I have removed the nitpicking date by date listing of my problems on this website because for the most part they don't apply today. Furthermore, to keep up with PrognoCis' efforts to address my problems would mean that I'd have to update this page every day.


Congratulations to PrognoCis on a New Version (October 2009)

visit PrognoCis' Home page on the web


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